Reasons Why You Ought To Get AWS Certified This Year

Reasons Why You Ought To Get AWS Certified This Year

Typically speaking, I am not a big fan of chasing the latest tech pattern because "all of the cool children are doing it". Sure, one needs to stay relevant on this very dynamic trade however there may be also the hazard of never changing into an professional if one retains following these trends. Within the case of AWS and cloud computing nevertheless, this isn't a development, however the new normal. Ignorance right here will make you irrelevant, very fast.

Though I have been using sure AWS-backed services at work, the extent of my information and expertise with the totally different AWS services was pretty limited. I know that amazon certification offered a rich ecosystem of storage, compute, automation and infrastructure applied sciences, so after performing some research, I decided that the very best method can be to purse the AWS Solutions Architect (Affiliate) certification.

Certifications are a controversial topic in IT. Some argue that getting a certification makes you more marketable, whereas others assume that they may have a detrimental impression by giving the impression that you're compensating for the lack of experience. Regardless of the place you stand on this concern, my personal expertise with certifications in general has been a really optimistic one throughout my career. It has undoubtedly opened many doorways for me and it set me apart from other candidates.

So why should you pursue AWS certifications?

1. AWS is Rapidly Turning into the Gold Customary of the Cloud
AWS is leading the pack in nearly every aspect. Based on Gartner, Amazon’s cloud is 10 occasions larger than its next 14 opponents, mixed! This is bad news for the folks at Azure and Google Cloud Platform but it's great news for you.

Whether or not you’re an internet developer, a database admin, a system admin, an IoT developer, a Big Data analyst, an AI developer (and the list goes on and on), your life will likely be made a lot easier in the event you take advantage of Amazon’s platform. Their choices touch almost every aspect of expertise, and discussing them would be outside the scope of this article. They're consistently adding more choices and innovating in a manner that's leaving the competition in the dust.
2. AWS Certifications Are Possible and Within Reach
Not like other distributors, Amazon provides a realistic certification path that doesn't require highly specialized (and costly) training to start. I'm not saying that it is very straightforward to get certified, but you won’t should give up your job and pay for expensive training to get your first AWS certification.

As of early 2017, AWS affords three tiers:

Affiliate tier:
Certified Options Architect Associate
Licensed Developer Affiliate
Licensed SysOps Administrator Affiliate
2. Skilled tier:

Licensed Solutions Architect Professional
DevOps Skilled
3. Specialty tier:

Advanced Networking
Big Data
The most common method is to begin with the Licensed Solutions Architect Associate. It's a good way to get conversant in the AWS ecosystem and core services. You are required to have an affiliate certificate earlier than you can sit for the professional or specialty exams. Furthermore, AWS requires that you've got your Solutions Architect affiliate certificate before you'll be able to take the Solutions Architect professional test, or that you have your Developer or SysOps Associate certificate before you'll be able to sit for the DevOps Professional test.

Self-learners rejoice! With a bit of effort and discipline, you'll be able to develop into very proficient. Amazon additionally provides a free tier account so you need to use most of their services for a 12 months for free. The palms-on expertise is crucial in your learning journey.

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